Episode 4921
Episode 4921a
Production code P694/4921
ITV transmission date 1st November 2000 (Wednesday)
Script editor Nick Malmholt
Story editor Nick West
Story associates Kathleen Beedles
Darren Fairhurst
Writer Mark Wadlow
Designer Victoria Cutts
Director Graham Wetherell
Executive Producer Jane Macnaught
Previous episode 30th October 2000
Next episode 3rd November 2000


Maxine questions Audrey as to why she wants to marry Fred, thinking she won't be happy. Audrey knows she can wrap him round her finger but Maxine warns her he'll demand plenty of sex. Audrey has second thoughts, knowing she doesn't love him. Curly decides to track Emma down to prove she's the one he loves. Audrey is stunned when Fred takes her to an expensive jewellers to buy her an engagement ring. She tries one on and tells Fred she can't accept it, saying she can't marry him. Horrified Fred begs her to reconsider but she is adamant it wouldn't be right for them to marry. Fred accuses her of being cruel and hurtful. Ashley is shocked when Maxine reveals she posed nude for the artist. Maxine is horrified when her painting turns out to be abstract. Ashley finds it hysterical and happily buys it. Emma is delighted when Curly turns up. They go on a boat trip down the Seine where he tells her he was obsessed with Raquel but never loved her. What he has with her is more equal and she makes him feel really in love. He proposes and she accepts.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit


  • Chateau Armand, Loire Valley - Kitchen and courtyard
  • Various locations in Paris, including Café, jewellers, boucherie, art gallery, River Seine and Bateau Mouche
  • Unnamed hotel - Reception, dining room and hotel bedroom


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