The residents fear the rest of the Street will fall down. The Barlows seek refuge for Peter and Susan in the Rovers as everyone moves out of their homes. The police are called and rope No.7 off. Mr. Wormold arrives to inspect the damage. Val is annoyed when Lionel becomes officious saying that she and the twins stay with him but Annie comes to the rescue saying that arrangements have been made already for them to lodge in the Rovers. Annie worries when Lucille doesn't return after a night out with friends. The menfolk start to shift the rubble in case Lucille is under it. She arrives home safe. The following day the Surveyor detects no subsidence. Instead he concludes that the collapse was caused by a slight fault with the foundations but in the main a faulty beam over the bay window. Len is given the contract by the council to secure the house with Wormold paying the bill. Ted decides to go back to the OAP home and leaves, worried that he's leaning on Albert. Lucille cries over No.7. Wormold feels it isn't worth the repair cost of almost £300 and tells Len to pull the house down.


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