Danny tells Sally he is not prepared to wait forever - this makes her think. Deirdre can't believe that Ken has agreed to lie for Peter, especially since he is applying for a magistrate's position. Tyrone gets upset with Kevin and Dennis for laughing at problem page letters in a newspaper, one in particular which he thinks was written by Maria. Wayne finds Roy and tells him he has run away. When Roy and Hayley tell Wayne he must go back to the Home, he runs away again, Roy is annoyed because he thinks he has betrayed Wayne. Sally tells Danny to propose again, this time her answer is yes. Maria is upset because Tyrone thinks she wrote the letter and Tyrone is upset because he thinks all she wants is sex, as a result they call off their engagement. After visiting the police station, Ken finds it hard to live with what he has done so revokes his magistrate application. Danny tells Kevin about his and Sally's engagement but is not pleased to find out Sally discussed it with Kevin first. Sally and Danny then row about this. Peter and Ken argue about Ken's decision and in the heat of the moment Peter lets it slip that Susan has been keeping a huge secret from him for years.


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