Mike leaves for Glasgow where he spends the day sitting in his car outside Susan's house having lied to Linda telling her that he was going there on business. Kevin is still unhappy that Danny has been left in charge of the children. Hayley is over the moon at their acceptance but Roy seems more subdued. Danny goes to repair the Duckworths' kitchen, but Tyrone seems to have done it more harm than good. Danny tells him there is no way it will be repaired before Jack and Vera get back. Anthony suggests that he and Rita should go on holiday, but Rita is not so keen as she doesn't want to make matters worse with his family. Kevin finds it hard to cope when Sophie and Rosie talk about Danny as their other dad. Karen and Steve flirt and are obviously attracted to one another, despite the fact that Karen is seeing Vik. Sally returns and Kevin confronts her, warning her that he won't be pushed out of the girls' lives. Jack and Vera return just as Danny finishes the kitchen. Sally then confronts Danny as she thinks he is using the girls to get at Kevin - this upsets him. Both Sally and Kevin are upset at the way things are turning out. Susan returns home with Adam to find Mike waiting for her.


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