Episode 5004
Episode 5004
Production code P694/5004
ITV transmission date 18th March 2001 (Sunday)
Script editor Nick Malmholt
Story editor Nick West
Story associates Kathleen Beedles
Darren Fairhurst
Gareth Philips
Josie Burke
Writer Peter Whalley
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Tony Prescott
Executive Producer Jane Macnaught
Previous episode 16th March 2001
Next episode 19th March 2001


Deirdre feels very silly and awkward in front of Dev. She apologises to him for her behaviour and says that she will find somewhere else to live. Jason goes to Durham to run in a Northwest Regional Competition which he wins. Adam is going to spend the day with Ken. Mike tells him not to mention anything about the school problem. Deirdre and Dev agree to be friends. Blanche tries to dissuade Deirdre from looking for a flat. Fred and Mike offer Duggie £12,000 for his share of the Rovers. Duggie tells them what they can do with their offer. All three originally paid £20,000 each. Sam's car passes its MOT. He takes David, Sarah and Candice for a spin in it. It irks Martin that David seems to have more time for Sam than for him. Geena and Eileen set Vik up with Bobbi. They both seem really keen. Duggie decides to get a professional valuation done of the pub. Fred is worried. Ken invites Alma to dinner. Peter walks in and finds them kissing.


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