Jason receives a letter from the UK Athletics Federation inviting him to join their youth squad at their training camp in Lanzarote because of his success in the National Under-Twenties Championship. He is delighted until he realises it costs £500 to go. Bobbi tells Geena that Dev is seeing someone else. Geena is gutted. Maxine is annoyed that Ashley is spending all his time perfecting his sausage recipe instead of trying to get her pregnant. Emma and Curly invite Matt and Charlie for Sunday lunch to say sorry for involving them in the Ryan business. They also invite Maxine and Ashley. Fred, Mike and Duggie have a meeting with Colin Fielding who says he's interested in buying the Rovers. It's obvious Duggie is up to something. Adam is excited about his trip to Florida. Jason is upset that he can't afford to go to Lanzarote. Geena goes round to the Corner Shop flat and finds Dev there with another woman - Sunita Parekh. Dev tries to explain but Geena storms off.


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