Fred, Mike and Duggie have a meeting to sew up the sale of the Rovers with Colin Fielding, representative of the purchaser Hamilton Griffiths Holdings, Brian Hudson, solicitor and Phil Everett, brief. Mike manages to push the price up to £18,000 for each of them. Just as they are about to sign, Mike smells a rat. It turns out that Duggie is the main investor of Hamilton Griffiths Holdings and therefore the new owner of the Rovers. Fred and Mike are furious. Jason is still upset that he can't go to Lanzarote. Dennis offers to lend him the money but Eileen won't hear of it. Ashley tries out his various sausage recipes on Matt, Charlie, Emma and Curly. To Ashley's disgust the one they pick as the best is the vegetarian one. Dev tries to explain to Geena that he hasn't got another woman. In desperation he drags Geena and Vik round to the flat to meet Sunita Parekh and explains that she is one of his employees whose family are putting her on a plane to India at the weekend for an arranged marriage against her will. She is in hiding from the family. Geena finally believes Dev but is worried that he is such a good liar. David tells Martin about Sarah having a relationship with Sam as he read it in her diary. Martin is appalled and confronts Sam in front of Gail, Sarah and Audrey. Sam tells them that nothing has gone on. Sarah cries uncontrollably. Gail and Martin don't know what to think. Mike and Adam leave for Florida.


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