Duggie explains to the staff that he is now the landlord of the Rovers. Neither Sarah nor David are speaking to Martin after the way he treated Sam. Gail chats to Sally about the Sarah and Sam situation and Sally makes her realise that it's just a schoolgirl crush on Sarah's part. Gail feels guilty for ever doubting her and is very angry towards Martin. Jason decides to start a car cleaning service in his spare time to raise money for his trip to Lanzarote. Duggie tells Geena that she's in charge of the Rovers when he's not there. Fred tells Duggie that he is boycotting the Rovers after the way Duggie treated him and Mike. Alma tells Audrey what went on between her and Ken and that they nearly got back together. Martin makes some snide comments to Sam and then tries to punch him. Sam grabs him and gets him in an armlock. Geena visits Sunita and tells her that she's planning a girls night in for Sunita as she must be going mad locked up. Sunita tells Geena a bit more about herself and Geena begins to warm to her.


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