Episode 5012
Episode 5012
Production code P694/5012
ITV transmission date 1st April 2001 (Sunday)
Script editor Nick Malmholt
Story editor Nick West
Story associates Kathleen Beedles
Darren Fairhurst
Gareth Philips
Josie Burke
Writer Mark Wadlow
Designer Julian Perkins
Director David Kester
Executive Producer Jane Macnaught
Previous episode 30th March 2001
Next episode 2nd April 2001


Maxine has been studying the internet and she's found a website that tells you when you're most fertile. It's today so she books the afternoon off work and tells Ashley she'll see him at home. Ashley hasn't got time because it's the day of the Weatherfield Sausage Trail. Roy sees Fred trying to push fake voting slips in his favour into the ballot box at the Sausage Trail competition. Roy stops him. Jayesh Parekh turns up at the flat and forces his way in past Dev and Geena. He finds Sunita. Jayesh tries to force her to come home but she refuses. He tries emotional blackmail and tells her that if she turns her back on her parents' beliefs then they may well turn their backs on her. Dev tells Sunita to come and live in his flat for a while. Ashley wins the Sausage Competition both the People's Choice and the Judges' Choice. Fred accuses him of entering a vegetarian sausage and therefore cheating. Ashley tries to assure everyone that his sausages all contained meat but Fred demands a re-judge. Ashley is disgusted and tells them they can stick their sausage trail. Sarah is still fed up with Martin and she tells Gail in front of Martin that he was still seeing Rebecca at Christmas. Gail is furious particularly at the way Martin has obviously involved Sarah in his sordid affair by asking her to keep it quiet.


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