Sandra starts at Gamma Garments. Clara is upset that Ena is returning. Lionel accuses Emily of coming between him and Sandra. Ena returns home from America. Elsie goes to the inquest and refuses to go without speaking to Moira Maxwell. She refuses to speak to Elsie. Emily realises Lionel is like her own father. Ena agrees to let Clara sit in Martha's chair in the snug so long as she buys the drinks. Elsie doesn't believe the Maxwell incident is finished.


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  • First appearance of Ena Sharples since 23rd June 1965.
  • TV Times synopsis: Ena's back
  • For the first time since the programme began the BBC made a concerted attack on the popularity of Coronation Street by scheduling the fourth season of Steptoe and Son directly opposite the Monday edition of the Street. This resulted in this episode only being watched in 5,870,000 homes - the lowest performance in the top twenty in 1965 however things would get worse as the following six Monday episodes failed to make the top twenty, the worst showing for the Street since early 1961.
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