Episode 5062
Episode 5062
Production code P694/5062
ITV transmission date 24th June 2001 (Sunday)
Script editor Nick Malmholt
Story editor Nick West
Story associates Darren Fairhurst
Gareth Philips
Josie Burke
Bryan Johnson
Writer Julie Gearey
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Anne Ross Muir
Executive Producer Jane Macnaught
Previous episode 22nd June 2001
Next episode 25th June 2001


Hayley is still annoyed with Roy. She knows what it is like to live a lie and is not prepared to go through all that again. Mike and Linda have called everyone into work over the weekend to finish a very urgent order for Harvey Reuben. Despite being at loggerheads they work together. Jason returns home. Despite an argument with Dennis, he decides to stay for good. Eileen allows him to have a party for his eighteenth birthday. Curly tells Emma he is willing to give up work to looks after their baby, if she wants to return to work. It will give him more time to concentrate on council work. Sheila Hayes visits Roy and Hayley, to return their money and take back Wayne. She is angry and upset. Hayley suggests she take both her son and the money, so that they can make a fresh start away from Alex Swinton, but she refuses. Wayne is worried about his mother and wants to return home, but she decides he should stay with Roy and Hayley, realising they can offer him stability. Hayley makes amends with Roy. Although she does not agree with his actions, she realises he did it for the right reasons. Toyah returns to work behind the bar at the Rovers. Rita is worried about Anthony. He is late returning from a book fair. When he arrives, he explains he had an important phone call from Amanda. Isabel has died.


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