Episode 5064
Episode 5064
Production code P694/5064
ITV transmission date 27th June 2001 (Wednesday)
Script editor Nick Malmholt
Story editor Nick West
Story associates Darren Fairhurst
Gareth Philips
Josie Burke
Writer Jo O'Keefe
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Colin Cant
Executive Producer Jane Macnaught
Previous episode 25th June 2001
Next episode 29th June 2001


Jason is upset as his dad has forgotten his eighteenth birthday. Anthony attends Isabel's funeral. He feels terrible, only his sister Joan speaks to him. Jason is ecstatic when he gets a call from the UK Athletics Federation saying they still want him to go to Budapest and that it's all paid for. Mike makes three redundancies; Jean, Bobbi and Karen as they were the last to join. Karen is furious that Linda didn't make sure her job was safe. She threatens to tell everyone what Linda has been up to if she doesn't get her job back. Dennis gives Jason a motorbike for his birthday. Jason is delighted but Eileen isn't. Karen tells Bobbi about Linda's sleeping with Harvey Reuben. Jason has a birthday party at home. He rides his new motorbike in the house and Sarah is sick on the carpet because she's drunk. Eileen arrives home and is furious. Toyah takes Sam along to Jason's party. Sam is really chuffed. Anthony tells Rita that he's going to his niece's wedding in New Zealand and thinking of spending three months out there with his sister Joan. He asks Rita to come too. Les has a go at Mike and Linda in the pub. As a result Mike gives Bobbi her job back and makes Janice redundant instead.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Jason throws a part for his 18th birthday, and Janice and Karen lose their jobs.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 12,630,000 viewers (5th place - combined figure including repeat).
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