Hayley initially says that she won't go to Ireland with Roy and Wayne, but after some persuasion she agrees that they must remain a family and stick together. Dennis asks Kevin if they've achieved their monthly target of £1500 and therefore can they have their bonuses. Kevin says they fell short. Dennis is disbelieving especially when he hears that Kevin has booked a holiday in Florida. Betty receives a Lifetime Achievement Award from Newton & Ridley whereas Duggie isn't even shortlisted for the Pub Landlord of the Year. Fiz spots Tyrone working at the garage and takes an instant shine to him. Martin takes David and the girls swimming. Sally is really grateful and they exchange intimate looks. Roy and Hayley see Alex Swinton on the TV saying how much he misses Wayne. Roy is appalled and disgusted. Gail entertains Richard for dinner. He is disappointed when they are just getting intimate on the sofa and Bethany starts crying upstairs. Gail goes to see to her. The Police Liaison Officer tells Toyah that she doesn't think Phil Simmonds is going to change his plea to "guilty". Toyah is gutted.


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  • This episode was transmitted at 8.00pm to make way for an hour-long edition of Emmerdale which preceded it.
  • TV Times synopsis: Toyah is devastated to discover that Phil Simmonds has refused to change his plea. Richard struggles to cope with Gail's family commitments.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 8,550,000 viewers (13th place).
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