Hayley refuses to go to Ireland so she and Roy come to a decision to hand themselves in to the Police. However before they can hand themselves in, Ruth Audsley shops them and turns up at the cottage with a couple of policemen and a social worker. Hayley is appalled with Ruth. Roy and Hayley are arrested and as the police cars drive away, Roy can see Alex Swinton standing with his arm around Wayne. Roy is incensed. Dennis, Sam and Tyrone decide to confront Kevin about the money as they are sure they deserve a bonus. Kevin explains to them that he has had to give Weatherfield Windows a discounted rate in return for all the work. They don't believe him so Dennis tells him that they all quit their jobs. Gail introduces Richard to Martin and it seems to go well. Toyah reconciles herself to Phil Simmonds pleading "not guilty" as she thinks that with the DNA evidence he won't have a leg to stand on anyway.


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