Jack has a hangover having spent the night drunk in his potting shed. Fred gets Duggie to offer Eve a job behind the Rovers' bar but Fred will pay her wages. Duggie agrees. Eileen is furious as Duggie had promised the job to her. Duggie can't tell Eileen that Eve isn't actually costing him anything. Hayley is being bullied more and more by Spud and Connie Reeves and asks for a transfer. Sally tells Rita about her relationship with Martin. Rita advises her to tell Gail but Sally doesn't feel that she can. Sally and Martin tell each other that they are in love. Sheila and Wayne arrive at the cafe looking for Roy. Sheila is cut and bruised having been beaten by Alex Swinton again. She says she wants to go to the Police and asks Roy to go with her. As soon as they leave Alex arrives demanding to know where they are and Vera tells him. Sheila makes a statement, Alex is arrested and as a result Hayley is released from prison. Karen makes even more of a pig's ear of her job at Street Cars and storms out, saying she resigns.


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