Dennis impatiently waits for a piece of post to arrive but won't tell Elsie what it is. Ivan takes his pram back and cancels the hire purchase. Billy thinks he can do a better job of running a garage than Phil Marsden and has ambitions to have his own. Jack tells him not to run before he can walk. The Brewery writes to the Walkers, stalling on their holiday dates until a relief can be found. Annie wants to go to Torquay while Jack fancies fishing in Scotland. She gets her way, much to Billy's amusement. Ena visits Dr. Graham and demands a prescription for her bronchitis. He gives in but insults her about her "slipped tongue". Albert also visits him, concerned about his supposed blood pressure but is talked out of worrying about it. Concepta tells Annie that she's concerned about Harry's religious beliefs and that her father doesn't approve of the marriage at all. Sheila reluctantly goes to the pictures with new boyfriend Cyril. Tom goes into the fruit machine game business and tries to get Doreen to persuade Sylvia Snape to have one at Snape's Cafe. Elsie returns from the cinema with Arthur Dewhurst. He's caught the Rovers burglar after he did a warehouse job and confessed to other offences. Martha sees that Concepta looks worried. She and Ena don't think the marriage will be successful. The next morning, Dennis is delighted that his parcel has arrived. It's an electric guitar addressed to his new stage persona - "Ricky Dennis".


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  • Beatrice Neild, who appeared in the irregular role of Mrs Toft from 1969 to 1974 appears as an extra in this episode in Dr. Graham's surgery.
  • TV Times: Every front door hides a story. Behind the front doors in Coronation Street are stories of excitement and joy, pathos and humour (This generic synopsis did not appear in all regional editions)
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 5,669,000 homes (chart placing unknown).

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Elsie Tanner (about Ena Sharples): "That woman's tongue. If it was a bit longer she could shave with it."

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