Episode 513
Production code P228/513
ITV transmission date 10th November 1965 (Wednesday)
Stories by George Reed
Susan Pleat
Writer Jack Rosenthal
Designer Denis Parkin
Director Christopher McMaster
Executive Producer H.V. Kershaw
Producer Howard Baker
Previous episode 8th November 1965
Next episode 15th November 1965


Emily worked until 2.00am getting the Gamma Garments fashion show ready. Valerie is the official dresser for the models and Emily takes her through her paces while Len and Jerry fix the stage up and Lionel provides the refreshments. Sandra and Elsie worry about Dennis's latest business deal but he insists that it's only a few novelties for Christmas. The residents gather at the Mission Hall to watch the event. Irma, Sandra and Lucille model the garments and get mixed up changing in the vestry, causing long delays on stage and turning the event into a fiasco as Emily has to describe an outfit worn by Irma over and over again. Alan drops woodwork when he discovers girls. Emily regrets putting on the show. Most of the audience doesn't return after the interval. Elsie is horrified to discover Dennis has bought 108 Christmas trees - one large one is stored at No. 11 and the others are on their way.


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Guest castEdit



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