Eve receives a bouquet of flowers with a card which suggests they might be from Linda. She knows they are not as Linda would have come in person. She thinks Mike sent them and goes to the factory to tell him that she's taking them to the Police. Duggie thinks Sunita enjoyed the rugby night but she tells Deirdre that it was awful. Vik flashes his new sports car and takes Karen for a ride making Steve jealous. Jack is depressed about not having a job and being a pensioner. Later, Shelley persuades Peter to take Jack on at the Bookies and he's thrilled. Duggie then offers him the job of pot man and he doesn't know what to do. Eventually he takes the Rovers job. Maria tells Tyrone that they should give Jack and Vera the £1,000 back that they gave them to go towards their wedding. Fiz tells Tyrone to keep his half. Janice tells Dennis that she is feeling guilty about going to Tenerife. They meet briefly at Janice's house and she feels bad but Dennis says he loves her. Norris and Rita gossip about whether Molly and Kevin are an item. Sunita wants to tell Duggie that it's over but it isn't the right time in the Rovers. Jimmy threatens Fred saying that he doesn't like him hanging around with Mike. Janice watches Dennis and Eileen arm in arm going to the chip shop.


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  • This episode was transmitted at 8.00pm.
  • TV Times synopsis: Fred has a showdown with Jimmy Sykes, while Jack is headhunted.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 12,390,000 viewers (10th place - combined figure including repeat).
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