The nappies which Val put out to dry start to burn, filling the house with smoke. Ken's delayed returning home by Stan who buys him another drink. Val returns home and sees the fire. Ken arrives a moment later and helps put the fire out. As the residents are told, Ena and Clara voice their disapproval that the twins were left alone. Val’s furious with Ken but Annie tells her not to be too hard on him. Sandra lets Dennis store boxes of crackers in the Gamma Garments' loft after hours. Emily is cross with her when she finds out. Albert asks Clara to housekeep for David while he visits Beattie. Val gives Ken the silent treatment. Ena tells Val it was as much her fault as Ken's and is asked to leave. The crackers are moved to No. 11. A lorry driver tries to deliver Dennis's 107 Christmas trees to the Corner Shop but Lionel sends him on to No. 11. Sandra is angry with being used by Dennis. Val breaks down at the thought of what could have happened to Peter and Susan and threatens to leave Ken.


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