Episode 5160
Episode 5160
Production code P694/5160
ITV transmission date 23rd November 2001 (Friday)
Script editor Kim Moore
Story editor Nick West
Story associates Mark Bickerton
Josie Burke
Darren Fairhurst
Jane Hudson
Gareth Philips
Writer David Lane
Designer Julian Perkins
Director John Anderson
Executive Producer Jane Macnaught
Previous episode 22nd November 2001
Next episode 25th November 2001


Dennis and Eileen, Les and Janice are preparing for their holiday. Dennis and Janice are dreading it. Emily is getting fed up with Norris going on about the deal she's done on the house. She tells him that if he doesn't like it he can move out. Alan Rush from Weatherfield Windows turns up at the garage. He tells Kevin that he wants his monthly cut increasing by another £100 to £600. He brings along a friend called Karl Harper who apparently buys the cars from Weatherfield Windows and sells them on. He asks Kevin to start putting the clocks back on the cars in exchange for a cut of the profits. Kevin refuses but he's really worried that he's already involved to an extent. Vera is still suspicious of Jack who keeps sloping off. Tyrone and Fiz decide to make Jack's shed their love nest. They let themselves in at lunchtime and Terry has to hide while they have sex on the floor. Dennis, Eileen and Les are waiting in a taxi to leave for the holiday. They are waiting for Janice. At the last minute Janice decides she can't go and tells Les that she's leaving him.


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