Les receives a letter saying that Leanne will be back for Christmas. He is brighter and Toyah is relieved. Gail is down as she receives a postcard from Nick saying that he is not coming home for Christmas or his twenty-first at New Year. Karen and Steve return from Leicester. Karen and Liz clearly didn't get on and Karen makes snide remarks about her. Sam complains to Toyah that he has to find somewhere to stay as the pipes have burst at his flat. Fiz organises a surprise for Tyrone as it's his birthday. Tyrone is miffed as he thinks she hasn't arranged anything. Karen is angry when she overhears Steve talking about her to Vik. She and Steve have a row. Emily thanks Richard for his help. Tony Lawson accuses Richard of exploiting his mother. Gill Gregory invites Geena for Christmas - it's clear Dev is not welcome. Dev tells them that he has booked a holiday in Madrid to prevent arguments. Les invites Sam to stay. At first Toyah is angry, but she gets used to the idea. Tyrone is amazed with the surprise that Fiz has organised. She is giving him a sensual massage when the Police arrive to search the house. Fiz is angry and the moment is spoilt. Karen is upset that Steve is not giving in to her as usual and he sleeps on the couch. Tony Lawson is angry about Richard's dealings with his mother's house and threatens Richard that he will get to the bottom of his business.


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