Episode 5210
Episode 5210
Production code P694/5210
ITV transmission date 8th February 2002 (Friday)
Script editor Kim Moore
Story editor Nick West
Story associates Mark Bickerton
Josie Burke
Darren Fairhurst
Jane Hudson
Gareth Philips
Writer Peter Whalley
Designer Julian Perkins
Director David Kester
Executive Producer Jane Macnaught
Previous episode 6th February 2002
Next episode 10th February 2002


Fiz has bought herself a gold necklace with Tyrone's money. Karen is convinced she's bought it out of the lottery winnings. The police question Richard and Gail about Duggie. They're pretty certain that his death was an accident. Richard is relieved. Sam has a go at Toyah and then regrets it. He and Toyah apologise to each other but Sam realises that it's over. Sunita and Shelley contact Duggie's son Tom Ferguson via email. Tom asks them to sort out Duggie's belongings which they do. Sunita tells Richard that Duggie has some money stashed in the flat and asks him what she should do with it when she finds it. Richard advises her to hand it over to Duggie's solicitor. Janice tells Toyah that she's thinking of moving back to Weatherfield to be near her. Hazel Wilding requests Vik's taxi again but Vik refuses to go. Steve goes instead. Tyrone can't live with the guilt anymore and confesses to Kevin about the MOT Certificates. Kevin is furious and sacks him.


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