Fiz is upset that the factory girls aren't speaking to her as they're convinced she's stolen their winnings. Molly tells Kevin that he wants to be careful getting rid of Tyrone as Tyrone knows all about the kick-back payments with Alan Rush. Peter and Shelley have Ken and Deirdre round for lunch. Shelley is still very upset over Duggie. Peter accuses her of being too upset and asks if they were lovers. Shelley is very offended and threatens to leave. Peter apologises. Tyrone tries to talk Kevin into giving him his job back but with no luck. Fiz finds the lottery ticket and the factory girls have to apologise to her. Janice moves back to the Street. Vera goes to see Kevin about Tyrone. Karl Harper turns up and Kevin and Vera tell him what they think of him. Karl threatens to set his heavies on them.


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