Irma and David prepare to get married without letting it on. Jack gets Arthur Walker to look after the Rovers, as the residents prepare, en masse, to leave for the reception but managing to keep it quiet from the bride and groom. Hilda is sorry that she's losing her daughter. David and Irma are married at the Ridgeway Road Registry Office. Jack, Annie, Stan, Hilda, Len, Elsie, Ena and Minnie hide behind a screen at the Elizabethan Rooms and surprise the Barlows. Arthur leaves Lucille alone in the Rovers whilst he places a bet. Val is chatted up by a man called Frank Turner in the Corner Shop. He steals cigarettes while Lionel is in the back and gets Lucille to serve him at the Rovers. He makes her feel uncomfortable. Stan makes a speech at the reception. Jack and Annie return to the pub where Turner tells Jack that Lucille shouldn't have been serving behind the bar at sixteen and makes him see that he's going to blackmailed.


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