Blanche and Deirdre fret over Ken's first day at school. Vera has a go at Eileen regarding Jason's behaviour towards Maria. Blanche, Rita, Betty and Emily set off for their quiet day in the country. They get lost and encounter Johnny James who is on the run from the police. Sally is angry with Jason after she and Shelley find him sleeping rough in the hardware shop. Vik tells Hazel that he's dumped Bobbi and that she makes him happy. Eileen threatens Jason with drastic action if he doesn't return home. Johnny reveals a gun and when the car stops with the police in pursuit, Rita attacks him before he is arrested and the ladies go to the police station to give statements. Todd is still angry at Jason but Eileen helps ease the pain. Ken is exhausted after the day's teaching. After hearing all about the heroines' day out, Norris toasts Rita on her seventieth birthday.


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Blanche Hunt (to Deirdre Rachid): "You were the same. Your first day at school, half an hour after I left you at the gates I had your teacher on the phone - you'd been caught short and I had to fetch clean underwear in for yer."

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