Norris talks to Curly and Emma and is delighted as he thinks he is going to be asked to be Godfather to baby Ben. In Betty's absence, Eve makes the hotpot and it goes down badly. Les and Eileen click on that Vik has been having secret liaisons with Hazel Wilding. Sarah and Todd are getting closer. Rita receives a summons from the police. Her driving licence expired on her birthday and she's liable for a £250 fine. Emma and Curly ask Vera whether she and Jack would like to become Ben's Godparents. Les and Eileen confront Vik about Hazel. Curly and Emma lose their nerve while trying to tell Norris he is not a Godparent. They ask him if he'll do a reading at the christening. Les's date is cancelled when Sandra Milligan has to work late. He and Eileen arrange to go for a curry instead. Rita sorts out the licence renewal problem at the police station. Candice discovers that Sarah fancies Todd and she storms off. Vik is adamant to Dev that nothing is going to get in the way of him and Hazel. Geena and Shelley have a £20 bet on whose food will be the most popular. Sandra surprises Les by turning up at the Rovers. Eileen ponders how sad her life has become after she is blown out twice by Les in the same night. Emma chastises Curly after he suggests that Emma should give up her job now that she is a mother.


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