Episode 522
Production code P228/522
ITV transmission date 13th December 1965 (Monday)
Stories by George Reed
Susan Pleat
Writer Adele Rose
Designer Denis Parkin
Director Bob Hird
Executive Producer H.V. Kershaw
Producer Howard Baker
Previous episode 8th December 1965
Next episode 15th December 1965


Albert returns and is unhappy to hear he wasn't told about the Barlows' wedding. David and Irma plan their future in their new digs at 17 Ackroyd Street. Emily's new assistant at Gamma Garments, Brenda Hartley, confuses her by not caring at all about the job. She is alarmed to discover she is Mr Papagopolous' niece. Charlie decides to leave to return to the stage. When Frank Turner continues to turn up at the Rovers for free drinks, Jack decides to call in the police. Annie stops him, realising they could lose their licence. David and Irma are made to feel guilty over not inviting Albert. Minnie is grief-stricken over Charlie leaving. Turner blackmails Jack for £2 and he begins to crack.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit


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