Tyrone feels depressed now that he's split up from Fiz. Sarah organises a sit-in in protest of the crèche being closed down. The Gazette turns up and interview her. They take pictures of her and Bethany and ask her how old she is. Curly also supports the sit-in. Steve and Vik go to see the Licensing people to find out why Street Cars is under investigation. They are told that they have received some sexual harassment complaints. Steve assumes they must be from John Wilding. Jason borrows a tenner off Eileen and has a win on the horses. He gives Todd some of his winnings to give to Eileen. Mike tells Fiz that her design is good and with some practice she could be excellent. Fiz tells Tyrone that it's for the best that they've split up as she is ambitious and he's not. Maxine realises that Charlie is avoiding her and decides to have it out with her. Charlie tells her that she's pregnant and going to have an abortion and that Matt must never know.


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Emily Bishop: "I think it's everyone's right to fight for what they believe. I would have loved to have been around in Mrs. Pankhurst's day. I could quite see myself chaining myself to the railings outside Number Ten."

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