Ashley collects Maxine from the hospital. The baby has to stay in for three weeks. Ashley is still very cold towards Maxine. Ken tells Matt that Charlie has been suspended from school. Sally asks Rita for a further £2,500 loan on top of the £12,000 she's already borrowed. Rita refuses. Deirdre can't stop fretting about Blanche and hopes she's okay. Blanche and Archie arrive back from Blackpool where they've had a fantastic time ballroom dancing. Deirdre is shocked to find out that they stayed in Archie's caravan which is open plan! Roy decides on the part of the Civil War which the Weatherfield Historical Society will re-enact - a skirmish rather than a full-blown battle involving a Colonel whose wife was staying in Weatherfield at the time. Audrey tries to persuade Ashley to talk to Maxine but he's too hurt. Ashley sleeps in the spare room. Matt calls to see Charlie and they agree that they've both made a complete mess or their relationship. Sally realises she has no option but to close the shop. She puts a sign in the window saying "Final Closing Down Sale".


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