Maxine pleads with Ashley not to go ahead with the paternity test. Deirdre is worried that Ken might be taking on too much by teaching full-time. Sally tells Kevin that the fire started with an electrical fault. Hayley is pre-occupied with thinking about their third wedding anniversary. Audrey tells Maxine to refuse a DNA sample. Eve tells Fred she can't go to see the baby. Blanche tells Norris and Betty that she is going to one of Archie's funerals, and manages to talk Betty into joining them. Audrey also tries to convince Ashley not to have a paternity test - again he is adamant. Fred goes to visit the baby. Sally accuses Jason of causing the fire. Fred returns to the pub to find out that Eve has been out. Eve tells him she went to Freshco's. Eileen gives Jason grief about finding another job. Fred eavesdrops on Eve's telephone conversation. Fred asks Eve if she is worried about something and she tells him she has to go somewhere on Sunday so can't make it to Ashley's. Blanche feeds Ken and Deirdre the sandwiches left over from the funeral. Fred checks up on Eve's story about why she cannot go to Ashley's on Sunday and finds she is lying. Ashley tells Maxine he has already made an appointment for DNA testing.


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