Sally tells Rita that the police think she burned down the shop. Fred is upset that Eve has gone. Norris is spreading Sally's bad news about the police wanting her for questioning. Rita is angry with him. Kirk warns Jason to keep quiet or he may get blamed. Archie tries to apologise for standing Blanche up, but she is having none of it. Fred tells Betty, Geena and Shelley that Eve has gone for good. The three barmaids bicker over who will act as Landlady. Sally tells the police that Jason fitted the wrong fuse, making the fire a genuine accident. When questioned Jason admits to trying to fix the radio putting Sally in the clear, but Blanche and Norris act as if they still think she did it. Curly tells Roy the bad news about the re-enactment needing permission. The midwife hands Ashley the baby and he is clearly moved. This pleases Maxine but later Ashley tells her that having feelings for the baby makes it harder for him if he isn't his. Fred confides in Mike about the marriage being a sham and that Linda is alive. Ken talks about how his age will go against him for the teaching post but Peter tells him not to give up. Archie turns up at the Barlows' house to serenade Blanche into forgiving him. This attracts many of the Rovers customers who are touched by his gesture, except Fred who looks sad. Blanche forgives Archie.


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