Archie arrives early at the Barlows' house making Deirdre think that he has stayed the night. Shelley tells Betty that she thinks Fred could have murdered Eve. Kevin tells Molly he feels guilty about Sally's money problems. Molly tells him he is not to blame. Kevin teases Molly about his surprise birthday gift to her. Deirdre, Shelley and Gail discuss how murder could run in Fred's family. Dev won't take Geena on a business trip, so she storms out. Deirdre tells Dev that she will go on the trip with him, but Dev is against this also, because of what happened at Christmas. Mike insists that Eve tells the police that Linda is alive. Dev refuses Sally credit - Kevin sees this and follows her out, she is clearly embarrassed. Audrey advises Maxine on how to behave in future towards Ashley. Blanche is pleased when she hears from Deirdre how she thinks Archie stayed the night. Sally tells Kevin she doesn't need pity, then she accepts a loan of £400. Kevin hugs her but Sally looks uncomfortable. Ashley falters when Maxine says she loves him whatever the outcome. Mike tells Fred he has seen Eve and knows about Linda wanting a divorce. Molly tells Gail she thinks Kevin has booked a city break for her birthday. Gail says that means he must think a lot about her.


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