Molly sees Kevin talking to Sally and realises that there's still a closeness there - she feels slightly jealous. Dev is furious with Deirdre accusing her of spilling the beans to Geena. Peter takes Shelley shopping for a new coat on his credit card as the business is doing so well. Geena tells Shelley and later Betty that she's finished with Dev because he slept with another woman. Ken tells Miss Johnson that he would like to accept the role of Senior Pupil Mentor. He also tells Miss Johnson about his problems with Aidan Critchley. Vik tells Steve about a tip he's got on a horse, Laughing Boy. Dev tries to talk Geena round but she is adamant she wants nothing more to do with him. He realises it's over. Councillor Naysmith tells Roy that thanks to Hayley he's changed his mind and the re-enactment can now go ahead. Roy is ecstatic. Steve picks Shelley and Peter up from the shops in his cab. Shelley gets a piece of chewing gum from the car seat stuck on her new coat. Steve refuses to pay for it to be dry cleaned. Dev is drunk. He shouts at Deirdre and sacks her from the shop. She leaves in tears, worried sick that he might tell Ken what went on.


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Blanche Hunt: "You know Deirdre. I mean, some days she thinks it'd kill her if she cracked a smile."

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