Steve goes to collect his winnings from the Bookies and to his horror finds he's lost his betting slip. Peter is delighted and denies all knowledge of Steve ever having made a bet so as to avoid paying. Steve is furious. Deirdre still can't bring herself to tell Ken that she's lost her job so she goes and sits in Roy's Rolls all day. Vera is suspicious. Fred seems to be in a better mood but he still refuses to talk to Eve when she phones. Audrey tells him that he needs to talk to her to sort everything out but he's not interested. Blanche backs Peter up saying that Steve never made a bet and she was in the shop. Richard tells Gail that the new flats will soon be sold and they will have plenty of money for the wedding. Deirdre asks Sunita to cover for her in the shop in case Ken asks any awkward questions. Steve tells all Peter's other punters that Peter has refused to pay up. They all stage a walkout from the Bookies leaving Peter on his own and worried.


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