Fiz persuades Kirk to let her come to Blackpool and Tyrone is furious. Richard is despairing about where to find the £45,000 he needs to underpin the house. Molly confides in Gail that there is no passionate spark in her relationship with Kevin. Kirk, Tyrone, Jason and Fiz turn up at the caravan in Blackpool only to find that Maria and Toyah have also just arrived. Aidan pays Ken a visit and tells him that he is too old to be a teacher. Richard is very interested to know that Vera and Jack have money to invest. Blanche tries to tout for coffin business for Archie, but has little success with Betty. Ken tells Peter to keep out of his business in future. Molly moves out of Kevin's flat, but on good terms. Vera and Jack discuss investment opportunities over chardonnay at Richard and Gail's house. Things get heated in Blackpool and Maria tells Kirk, Tyrone, Jason and Fiz to leave. Vera writes Richard a cheque for £20,000. Richard tells Steve to go ahead with the underpinning.


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