Maria is at the end of her tether and lets it slip to Jason and Tyrone that the caravan was given to them for free by their uncle. Richard reassures Gail that everything is under control. Kevin tells Sally that Molly has moved out. Sally arrives at Kevin's flat just as Molly is packing her last bags. Molly accuses Sally of standing in the way of her and Kevin. Kirk breaks into another caravan and Tyrone, Fiz and Jason move in, unaware that it is not all above board. Toyah is clearly attracted to Goran Milanovic, a worker at the site, and he is paying her a lot of attention. Maria chats to Goran and Toyah gets jealous, although they are in actual fact talking about Toyah. Richard is getting anxious about the underpinning, but Steve reassures him that he is going to make a killing on the flats and not to worry. Toyah meets Goran and they sit eating chips, watching the sea and talking. Goran is late for work and is fired by his boss, Gerry Imlach. Roy holds a meeting about the re-enactment and it is clear that he and Fred will not be seeing eye-to-eye about many aspects of the event. Richard tries to stall Patricia Hillman who is demanding her money by the following day. Toyah tells Maria that Goran is the most incredible man she has ever met.


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