Ken and Rita discuss Betty's surprise party and decide they're going to try and get hold of Bet Gilroy, Billy Walker and Gordon Clegg. Karen finds out from Vik and Steve that Joe Carter has been in prison. She tells Fiz and Hayley. Curly and Emma have a barbecue. Les invites himself round. Maxine screams when she spots a rat in Curly and Emma's house. Emma realises that there are several rats and they're coming in from Les's filthy backyard. Les denies the rats are his. Emma is really angry and threatens him if he doesn't clean up his mess. Shelley and Geena are both hoping they will become manager of the Rovers when Betty goes as Fred is spending less and less time behind the bar. Toyah can't pluck up the courage to tell Janice she wants to move in with Maria. Dev finds out that Geena now knows that Joe has been in prison. He is delighted. Aidan and Candice go bowling. Sarah is desperate to go with them and manages to catch them up. Fred thanks Betty for her thirty-three years service as a barmaid and she leaves, unaware that there is a party planned for the next day.


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  • This episode was transmitted at 7.50pm to allow for coverage of the Canadian Grand Prix.
  • TV Times synopsis: Candice warns Sarah off Aiden, and Emma threatens Les about the rats.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,490,000 viewers (4th place).
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