Les calls round on Emma and Curly and tells them that he's going to sort the rat problem out today. Karen tries to give Joe a hard time again and asks him what he was inside for. Joe is angry that the girls know he's been in prison. He confronts Dev about how they got the information. Geena tells Shelley she doesn't want to see Joe again, not because he's been inside but because he's been dishonest with her by not telling her. Aidan bunks off school to go into town. Sarah wants to go too but Aidan won't let her bring Bethany. She tells him she's finished with Todd but he doesn't seem interested. Sarah is depressed. Norris is excited to learn that he's been accepted as a Commonwealth Games Volunteer. He thinks he's going to be rubbing shoulders with royalty. Betty's surprise retirement party takes place in the Rovers. To Betty's delight Gordon Clegg and his wife Caroline turn up. To Caroline's annoyance Gordon asks Betty if she would like to come and live with them in Wimbledon. She says yes. Emma asks Les what he's done about the rats. He shows her a scruffy cat called Rossi who he's borrowed from a friend, saying he's a fantastic rat catcher. Emma tells Curly to phone the Council and get the proper rat catchers in. Outside the railway station, Bet Lynch climbs into a taxi and asks for Coronation Street.


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