Bet arrives at the Rovers for Betty's leaving do. She says she's been living in Brighton, she's friends again with Vicky who is now happily married. She's divorced from Alec Gilroy and has changed her name back to "Lynch". She inherited a bit of money and a yacht - which she sold - from Bruce in Spain. Emma takes Ben to stay at her friend Maggie's because she won't let her baby stay in a rat-infested house. Everyone says hello to Bet. After prompting from Betty, Rita decides that she will break the ice with Bet. She and Bet exchange forced pleasantries. Ken does a speech about Betty. Betty tells them that she's moving to Wimbledon with Gordon and Caroline. She pulls her last pint to cheers from the regulars. Bet says she's staying for a few days. Audrey offers her a bedroom and Bet accepts. Joe apologises to Geena for failing to tell her he'd been in prison. He asks her out for dinner and she agrees to give him a second chance. Dev is really annoyed. Toyah mentions moving in with Maria to Janice. Janice is fine about it.


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