The girls turn up on Sunday to work overtime. Karen tries to push Joe into paying triple time but he refuses. Kirk, Tyrone and Les have breakfast in Les's house with rock music blaring. Emma is at the end of her tether - first the rats and now the music. Joe pops into the Rovers to tell Geena that they will have to postpone lunch as he has to work. He stays for a drink. Janice spots him and tells the girls. They all walk out except Hayley saying why should they work Sunday if he can't be bothered? The rat catcher has declared that all the rats are dead so Les can now clean up his yard. He gets Kirk to do it. Kirk is worried he might find a rat so Les stands by with Kirk's air gun. Bet is shocked when she meets Bethany and finds out that she's Sarah's baby. Bet confides in Ken that she's very nervous about the court case. Martin and Gail give Sarah a pep talk about being a mother. Sarah admits that she loves Bethany. She cries and gives Bethany a hug. Joe arrives back at the factory to find Hayley the only person there. He sends her home and wonders how he's going to explain to Mike that he's failed to get out the biggest order they've had in six months.


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