Emily is still suffering from migraines and Norris is making it worse by going on about Lillian Spencer barring him from the Rovers. Geena and Shelley are annoyed to find that neither of them has got the manager's job. Richard pricks his ears up when he hears that Emily isn't well. Jason has his belated birthday party at Les's house. Very few people turn up. Norris complains about the noise of the party. A couple of girls turn up at Emily's house looking for the party. Norris gives them a false address and sends them in the wrong direction. Todd pours his heart out to Toyah saying he can't wait to go away to university and be himself. Blanche tells Rita that Norris has been barred from the Rovers by Lillian. Shelley and Geena are peeved at having to work for Lillian. They think she's after Fred's money and he's enjoying her attention. Emma is late home again causing Curly to miss his council meeting. Curly is getting very fed up. Jason admits to Todd that he came back from Blackpool because he was sacked from his job for having his hand in the till. Rita tells Lillian what she thinks of her for barring Norris and being rude to Shelley. Lillian bars Rita from the Rovers.


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Rita Sullivan (about Lillian Spencer): "I don't know who she thinks she is, but I'll tell yer what she is... she's a jumped-up madam who is trying to take a good friend of mine for a ride".

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