Ashley and Maxine are getting more concerned about Doreen and how long she's planning to stay. When asked about Derek she's evasive. Richard calls on Emily saying he wants to discuss future investments which she might be interested in. He checks Norris is out first. While he's there Emily has another migraine attack. He offers Emily some of her migraine tablets. Blanche sees Audrey getting into Archie's car. Later she accuses Archie of two-timing her. Archie says he was just giving Audrey a lift. Archie tells Audrey he doesn't like lying to Blanche but Audrey is still adamant she doesn't want her customers to know that she's now "beautician to the dead". Norris goes home and finds Richard administering pills to Emily. Norris goes into a rage and throws Richard out of the house. Betty calls in the Rovers saying that she's putting her house on the market. Lillian Spencer makes Jack redundant on the grounds of old age and ill health. Vera storms into the pub and has a slanging match with Lillian. Ashley tries to warn Fred off Lillian and points out that she's barring all his best customers. Lillian gives the cellar man job to her son Timothy. Richard calls on Norris; Norris accuses Richard of trying to kill Emily for her money. Richard tells Norris that if he doesn't leave him alone he'll shut him up once and for all.


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