Episode 5304
Episode 5304
Production code P694/5304
ITV transmission date 15th July 2002 (Monday)
Script editor Kim Crowther
Story editor Nick West
Story associates Mark Bickerton
Josie Burke
Darren Fairhurst
Jane Hudson
Writer John Fay
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Tony Prescott
Executive Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Producer Kieran Roberts
Previous episode 14th July 2002
Next episode 17th July 2002


Richard forces Norris to look round the show flat. He explains to Norris that the flats are worth £120,000 each and that Emily's £20,000 is small in comparison. He persuades Norris that he's not after Emily's or Rita's money. Norris feels he has no option but to agree with him. Richard offers Norris his mobile phone and dares him to call the police but Norris daren't for fear of Richard killing him. Doreen makes Ashley pay Les for turf for the back lawn. Ashley is getting really fed up with Doreen living with them. Audrey tells Gail that she's drawn up a will leaving everything to Gail. She is worth about £250,000 made up of the house at £130,000, Alma's money - £40,000 - plus the salon. Sally tells Rita about Rosie's holiday and Kevin wanting to move back in. Richard persuades Gail to let Aidan come to the wedding to avoid Sarah sulking on the day. Doreen tries to interfere with the christening plans which winds Ashley up even more. Richard apologises to Norris for forcing him to look round the flats against his will. Norris apologises to Richard for misjudging him. They reach an understanding. Blanche returns home from hospital. Archie calls round and explains to Blanche that her accident hasn't changed anything and that he still doesn't want to go out with her anymore. Blanche is very upset and cries after he's gone. Gail tells Richard about the £250,000 which she will inherit from Audrey one day. Ashley reaches the end of his tether with Doreen and tells Maxine that she's got to go.


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