Tyrone mopes around the garage as Kevin tries to cheer him up. Toyah is fuming when Audrey brings Fiz to look around the flat. Ken reconsiders taking the Hermione Fairfax column. Maria's overcome when Audrey offers her advice as a friend. Kevin is glad to be providing for his family again. Ciaran charms Eileen and Audrey. Audrey is shocked to have been sent a letter from Stephen Reid with a photo of Nick and another girl. She suspects the worst and worries whether or not she should tell Maria. Fiz grates on Toyah as she begins moving all her stuff in before Maria has even left. Karen is furious when Eileen tells her that the shop won't take the sofa back. She pleads with Steve to back her up on this one. Shelley is fed up that Peter would obviously rather spend time with Ciaran than her. Audrey breaks the news to a disbelieving and heartbroken Maria.


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