Sally and Kevin discuss their situation. Kevin admits that he's been trying to move things on a stage and apologises. Shelley tries to avoid Ciaran as she feels uncomfortable with him. Mike tells Audrey that the dinner has been cancelled. He then invites Doreen instead. Ken's first bodice-ripper article is published. Blanche reads it and says it's very good. They don't tell Blanche that Ken has written it. Sandy George, the Gazette editor asks Ken if he would also take over Hermione Fairfax's problem page as the "Agony Aunt". Ken agrees. Geena starts back at the Rovers. She and Shelley tiptoe round each other. Emily sees the poster advertising beer for an old penny a pint. She realises why Kirk wanted her coins. She tries to warn Fred but he doesn't listen. Nick tries to call Maria again. Fiz takes the call and tells him he's a two-faced lying rat. Geena tells Audrey that Mike is taking Doreen to the dinner in her place. Doreen gets drunk over dinner and embarrasses Mike in front of his clients by going on about her failed marriage. Ciaran comes on to Shelley again suggesting they could have sex while Peter is out at work tomorrow.


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