Shelley is staying with Sunita. She can't bring herself to speak to Peter and Ciaran. Ciaran continues to make Peter think that it was Shelley who made a pass at him. Gail, Richard, Sarah and David arrive back from Florida. Gail is surprised to find Nick at home as she thought he was back in Canada. Gail is shocked and angry when Nick tells her that Maria is going to Canada with him and that they are very much in love. Candice tells Sarah that she's been knocking around with Aidan while Sarah's been in Florida. Sarah isn't happy. Blanche asks Archie to accompany her to a whist drive on Friday. Archie agrees. Steve tells Richard that he's pulled out of buying the flat as they are building a bail hostel next to The Ridings. Peter and Ciaran go for a drink in the Rovers. Shelley tells Ciaran exactly what she thinks of him. Steve tells Peter that he thinks he should believe Shelley and not Ciaran as Ciaran tries it on with any woman who crosses his path. Peter realises Steve is right. Peter accuses Ciaran of being jealous and trying to split him and Shelley up. He tells Ciaran to get his things and get out. Nick and Maria book two air tickets for Canada on Wednesday. Richard speaks to his solicitor and finds out that all four flat sales have fallen through. He tells Gail that without the money from the flats he's financially ruined.


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