Tyrone is depressed. He tells Kevin how he tried to win Maria back at the airport but she left with Nick. Toyah has a whinge about Fiz to Roy and Vera, saying that she's pushy and tries to invite herself along all the time. Roy sticks up for Fiz. Dev puts a business proposition to Mike; he tells him that his cousin who's a textile wholesaler wants a huge order of women's underwear. Richard explains to Gail that converting The Ridings cost him about £300,000, that he was intending to sell them for £120,000 each so netting £480,000 in total. He put up some of the £300,000 himself but most of it was a bank loan. He can't afford to take a huge drop in price. Doreen buys Ashley and Maxine a house name sign which she gets Ashley to put up. It says "Balmoral" on it. Maxine loves it, Ashley doesn't. Peter again tries to talk to Shelley but she tells him it's definitely over. Ken tells him not to give up. Sally cooks a special meal for her, Kevin and Rosie. Rosie loves having Kevin around and asks him questions about how he met Sally. Vera thinks the Peacocks' new house name is wonderful. Gail offers to remortgage the house to raise some money. Richard won't hear of it. Fiz feels hurt that Toyah continually tries to ignore her. After dinner Kevin puts his arms round Sally and they end up kissing passionately.


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