Richard tells Gail that when she goes to see the bank manager about remortgaging the house she should pretend the money is for home improvements and not to bail them out of a financial crisis. Gail is unhappy about lying but agrees to do it. Vera looks into registering her house name officially with the Post Office but it costs £100 so she decides against it. The Peacocks discover that someone has defiled their house name and changed it from "Balmoral" to Immoral. Doreen is furious and blames Vera who denies all knowledge. Dev sets up a meeting with Mike and his cousin Naveen Alahan who wants to do some business with Mike. Mike asks Joe to attend the meeting too. Richard tells Gail that because of the remortgaging they won't be able to move house as they'd intended. Kirk finds an old radio in a skip and gives it to Vera in return for free food in the cafe. It doesn't work so she gives it him back. Doreen tries to amend the house sign back to "Balmoral" with the aid of a paint brush but it looks even worse than when she started. Sunita tells Shelley that she should give Peter another chance as he really loves her. Shelley calls to see Peter and she agrees to move back in. They kiss and make up.


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  • This episode marks the 2,000th appearance of Johnny Briggs in the role of Mike Baldwin.
  • This episode was transmitted at 8.30pm to make way for coverage of an award show and then Emmerdale which was shown in Coronation Street's usual 7.30pm time-slot.
  • TV Times synopsis: The house-name war continues, and Joe warns Mike against dealing with Dev and his family.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,000,000 viewers (8th place).
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