Episode 5333
Episode 5333
Production code P694/5333
ITV transmission date 6th September 2002 (Friday)
Script editor Kim Crowther
Story editor Nick West
Story associates Mark Bickerton
Josie Burke
Maxine Evans
Jane Hudson
Bryan Kirkwood
Writer John Stevenson
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Duncan Foster
Executive Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Producer Kieran Roberts
Previous episode 4th September 2002
Next episode 8th September 2002


Toyah is panicking about the Visual Arts Project she's got to hand in at college. She doesn't know where to start. Dev arrives in the Corner Shop looking dishevelled - he's been with another girl all night. Mike has a business meeting with a Spanish property and law man who is going to look after the apartment deal in Spain. Sunita is invited to her friend Nimmi's wedding on 18th September but she hasn't anyone to take. Joe discovers that Naveen Alahan's cheque has bounced again. Fiz invites Jason and Kirk to the decorating party in the flat. Joe tells Steve about Dev's dodgy cousin and the bounced cheque. Harry Flagg arrives in the Rovers. He's a cleaner by trade who's just returned to Weatherfield after several years living away and tells Fred the state of the Rovers is disgusting. Fred offers him £10 plus all the beer he wants to clean it. Les gives Toyah his tatty old chair for the flat. She hasn't the heart to refuse. Joe enjoys telling Dev that Naveen's cheque has bounced again. Mike is shocked when Joe tells him he's made a couple of calls and found out that Naveen's business is about to go into receivership.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit




Notable dialogueEdit

Harry Flagg: "To me, clean is classy. A decent pub should have shine to it. Polished woodwork, gleaming brass, sparkling ale. Call me a perfectionist if you want."
Fred Elliott: "That weren't first words that sprang to mind."

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