Shelley is pleased Peter came home rather than continuing from bowling to the casino. Geena apologises to Dev for leaving last night saying she felt weird - a lot has happened. He agrees to take it slowly and they arrange to meet later for a drink. She asks Dev to drop the charges but he wants to concentrate on their relationship first. Les and Kirk have a dress rehearsal for the Housing Officer's visit. Les tells Kirk to take it seriously. Vik insists the last win was his 'tip' and picks another 'winner,' "Tricksy Trixie." No-one believes Vik's tip so he places a bet himself to prove people wrong. Sunita is distressed and Dev thinks she is jealous. She tells him that Geena is only doing this to make him drop the charges. Dev asks Geena for her true feelings. She tells him that she loves him. Belinda Sawyer from the Housing Department turns up at No.5 asking questions about infringements of the tenancy agreement. Les tells her that they are a gay couple. Janice visits Les and blows his cover in front of Belinda by having hysterics at the thought of Les being gay. Gail is concerned after Emma tells her there were routine investigations when they found Patricia's body. Meanwhile, Vik's tip won at the races and Peter tells Shelley that he is going to take her on a winter holiday to Mexico. Just before ending up in bed, Dev clicks that Geena is lying and tells her that he never wants to see her again.


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